Sliced ham

Portions of Iberian products cut and vacuum packed

The Iberian sausages cut and vacuum packed have been cut by machines, while the ham or shoulder has been cut with a knife by our professional cutters. As a general rule, cutting and packaging takes place the same day the order is received.

The portions are usually 80 grams or 100 grams each, depending on the product. All are packaged in plastic envelopes with our brand, with a window that allows you to see the interior. These portions are ideal to take on a trip or give as gifts, and due to their low price they can be used for small tastings and special appetizers.

Preservation of sliced ​​ham

The knife-sliced ​​and vacuum-packed ham from La Casa del Jamón can maintain all its properties as long as the plastic envelope remains intact, unopened and without perforations or damage to its packaging. Outside the refrigerator it can last perfectly for a few days before opening it, in optimal conditions of humidity and temperature, without the sun. Inside the refrigerator it can fully maintain its properties after two or three months, as long as it is kept cold and does not suffer sudden changes in temperature.

Tips for consuming sliced ​​Iberian ham

Iberian ham should be consumed at a suitable temperature, between 19 and 22 degrees Celsius. As advice to temper the ham, we usually recommend that it be presented on a hot plate, to achieve the melting of the fat with the lean, and achieve the desired temperature. In this way the bacon becomes slightly transparent and the flavors are enhanced. For our vacuum sachets, you can try the following trick: wet the sachet just before opening it with a stream of hot water, just long enough to notice the change in color of the bacon, in order to open it and serve it immediately.

In addition to the fact that cold ham loses texture and flavor, the slices can stick together and it is difficult to remove them without breaking them, which can ruin the experience. Never eat ham directly from the fridge.

To temper the ham that we vacuum pack, we do not recommend under any circumstances to air the product too much. A very prolonged contact with the air can oxidize the ham and make it lose color and, above all, flavour. It should be consumed tempered, never cold, and always freshly opened, so it can be tasted freshly cut.

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