At La Casa del Jamón we offer several accessories for cutting ham with a knife, some of them essential.

trimming knife

In order for the piece to be prepared and presented on a ham board, it is necessary to uncover the cut area by removing the skin and the first layers of bacon. For this we use a knife other than the ham holder, and a cutting or cutting knife is usually used.

Ham knife

To cut the ham into slices, the ham knife is the most suitable. It is a very long and sharp knife whose shape allows you to perfectly control the precision of the cut.

support or table

The ham is presented on a table or support that allows it to be fixed while it is being handled. In addition, certain supports are designed to allow the mobility of the piece and thus be able to cut it on its entire surface. The most traditional ham boards are made of wood, although they are also made of other materials.


Similar in appearance and use to a file, it is used to help maintain the sharpness of knives.

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