Iberian Charcuterie

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Individual servings of fuet, rich in spices, but with a mild flavour. Perfect to accompany them with grapes, cherry tomatoes, to decorate dishes or accompany salads. For combining with white and rosé wines.

What are Iberian sausages?

Sausage is usually called a piece of Iberian meat minced and seasoned with aromatic herbs and different spices (paprika, pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, etc.) that is introduced ("sausage") into pig gut skin.

The natural casing is the authentic creator of the great flavor of the natural Iberian sausage due to its great qualities in curing the sausages. Likewise, this form of healing has made it easily maintainable for relatively long periods of time.

What kind of sausages are there?

Among many others that exist, we can highlight the following:

Natural, spicy or extra spicy sobrasada: Made from selected pork meat, seasoned with salt, paprika and black pepper. It is stuffed into casing and presents a slow maturation.

Fuet: Its base is minced pork, seasoned with garlic and pepper. It does not require a long cure. Its skin is usually white due to the presence of fungi that help it ripen. It is served raw, as a tapa or appetizer.

Black pudding: It is a sausage based on cooked blood, generally pig. It is usually mixed with pork fat, onion and different spices, in addition, it usually contains some other non-meat ingredient to increase its volume, such as rice, cereals or bread crumbs.

Cecina Angus: It is a type of dehydrated meat, similar to ham but made by curing beef, equine and less frequently, goat and even rabbit or hare.

Acorn-fed Iberian loin: Made with the meat located in the upper part of the pig, near the backbone (practically free of external fat). It is salted, marinated and stuffed into natural casings and subjected to an appropriate curing time.

Iberian chorizo: Made from minced pork meat and marinated with spices, of which paprika is what gives it its reddish hue. The skin is pig intestine.

Iberian sausage: For its preparation, lean meat and Iberian pork bacon are used and seasoned with pepper, salt, and other spices such as cilantro, nutmeg or cloves, the flavor of the Iberian sausage and its characteristic color is achieved.

Where to buy sausage online?

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