Payoyo Cheese

Payoyo cheeses: flavor and variety

Payoyo Cheese makes goat cheese, sheep cheese and cheese mixes of both milks ranging from fresh cheeses to semi-cured and cured. In addition, cured cheeses can be found wrapped in butter, rosemary, wheat bran and paprika. Respecting the traditional methods of processing, adapted to current regulations, milk goes through different phases until it undergoes its final transformation.

Tradition and awards

Throughout its twenty years, Quesos Payoyo has received 175 national and international awards, including the Cincho de Castilla y León Awards (where they won some first prizes) and the World Cheese Awards, where they won two silver medals.

In the World Cheese Awards 18/19 held in Bergen, Norway, he has received 17 awards, becoming the most awarded national brand in this edition. This same year, he has also obtained the maximum three-star mention of semi-cured goat cheese at the Great Taste Awards held in London.

Where to boy Payoyo cheese online

In La Casa del Jamón: we are the main distributors of payoyo cheese in the province of Cádiz, and we extend it to the rest of the Spanish territory. We have the widest variety and the most abundant stock of these cheeses, and we are sure that our Cheese selection will be to your liking. If you are thinking of buying the best payoyo cheese at the best price, take a look at our variety.

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