Iberian Salchichón

The Iberian acorn-fed salchichón

The cured sausage seasoned with spices called "salchichón" is a processed and stuffed meat whose origin is Greek and Roman. By preparing lean meat and Iberian pork bacon and seasoning it with pepper, salt, and other spices such as coriander, nutmeg or cloves, the flavor of Iberian salchichón and its characteristic color are achieved. It is necessary to let it macerate between 16 - 24 hours, and then stuff it (or stuff it, which is why it is also called stuffed salchichón) in a pork or beef intestine.

It is hung to cure for a few days, a process that allows it to harden and allow the spices to penetrate the lean, allowing the bacon to settle. Sometimes it is treated with smoke during its curing, producing the smoked salchichón. There are other varieties of this sausage that contain a mixture of pork and beef, venison or wild boar.

Varierty in Iberian Salchichón

The Lazo brand manufactures an acorn-fed Iberian salchichón of the highest quality, which we are sure you will love. One of our best salchichones is made in Salamanca: we have been offering the Iberian salchichón from Chacinerías Salmantinas for many years, always giving the stature in quality. The 5 Jotas brand makes a salchichón in Jabugo (Huelva) that some of our customers prefer. On the other hand, the Joselito salchichón, made in Guijuelo, offers a different and particular taste. All of them are free of preservatives, food dyes and allergens.

Although the Iberian acorn-fed salchichón, made in Spain from Iberian pork, is the best known and most consumed, it is also produced in other countries such as Italy, France, Greece and even in Latin America.

Remember that you can taste the Iberian salchichón in portions of 100 grams, or you can request a piece of salchichón completely cut by machine and vacuum packed.

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