Iberian Shoulder Acorn Ham

What is an Iberian bellota shoulder ham?

The acorn-fed Iberian shoulder hams are the front legs of the Iberian pig fed on acorns. They have the identifying seal of their quality in black, if their breed is 100% Iberian; or red if it is 50% Iberian.

What is better, bellota ham or bellota shoulder ham?

The taste of an Iberico bellota shoulder ham is somewhat more intense and salty than ham, in addition to the fact that the slices are somewhat shorter and narrower. The ham is usually of superior quality, but there are many customers who prefer a good acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham. So we can conclude that it is a matter of taste.

In addition to being smaller, acorn-fed shoulders have less yield than ham in relation to their initial weight: once cut, the shoulder yields 30% of its initial weight.

Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham with Denomination of Origin

The Denomination of Origin (D.O.), both in shoulder ham and in ham, is the name with which a product from a certain area is identified that provides quality and characteristics that are typical of that environment to the acorn-fed shoulder.

Therefore, the Denomination of Origin certifies the origin of the Iberian shoulder hams from pigs born and raised in specific areas that give it certain special qualities in terms of smell and taste.

A good acorn-fed Iberian shoulder is made from the forequarters of a healthy pig, which has lived fully in nature and has fed in the field. This translates into a superior product quality.

Buy acorn-fed Iberian Shoulder ham online In our online store you have at your disposal the best acorn-fed shoulders on the market, from the 100% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder with the Jabugo Designation of Origin (also called Summum) to the 50% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder. You will have the option to select the weight you prefer among those available, and other options such as the cut and vacuum packaging of the piece, the boneless or the cut started.

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