Iberian Shoulder Acorn Ham

Acorn-fed Iberian Shoulder Ham with Denomination of Origin

The expression Designation of Origin for both shoulder ham and ham is the name that identifies a product from a certain area that provides quality and characteristics that are typical of that environment for the acorn-fed shoulder.

The Regulatory Council of Designation of Origin is in the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, which are the bodies that contemplate the regulation on these distinctions.

It arose to ensure that the entire production and preparation process strictly followed the regulations established, both by the European Union and by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, and at the same time to protect the consumer.

Therefore, the denomination of origin certifies the origin of the sausages born and raised in specific areas that give certain special qualities to the final product.

A good acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham is made from the forequarters of a healthy pig, which has lived fully in nature and has fed in the field. This translates into a superior product quality.

The geographical location, the climatic conditions and the means used for manufacturing are specific to each manufacturer. Being an artisanal product and made in a traditional way, the product obtained as a result is unique in each manufacturer and geographical area, even if the breed of the animal is the same - the 100% Iberian breed pig.

Buy acorn-fed Iberian Shoulder Ham online

In our online store you have at your disposal the best Iberian shoulders on the market, from the 100% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder ham with the Jabugo Designation of Origin (also called Summum) to the 50% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder ham. You will have the option to select the weight you prefer among those available, and other options such as slicing and vacuum packaging of the piece, boning or starting the cut.

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