Iberian Shoulder Ham Cebo

Characteristics of Iberian cebo shoulder ham

The berian cebo shoulder ham are obtained from the front legs of Iberian pigs that have been fed with cereals and fodder and have been raised using intensive farming or in nature. Iberico de cebo shoulders are the cheapest alternative to ham, since they are usually smaller and still have all the flavor of the Iberico product that we love so much.

According to the regulation that establishes the quality of the ham according to the color of the seals, in force since the first quarter of 2014, these must be green for field-fed shoulders (from pigs raised in semi- freedom, extensively), or white for the bait shoulders (from pigs raised in intensive farming, with stabled pigs).

Differences with other shoulder hams

The main difference between bait shoulders and acorn-fed shoulder ham is the pig's diet, since the latter is obtained from pigs that have been fed exclusively on acorns and natural grasses, in extensive farming.

The colors of the seals of the bait trowel are different from those of the acorn, to distinguish them in quality. They also vary their curing time, being less in the case of bait popsicles and field bait popsicles.

Cebo shoulder ham, economy and flavor

Although a cebo shoulder does not have the same taste as an acorn-fed shoulder, its quality and its relative low price make it one of the favorites for our customers who want to enjoy a good product, both in their daily diet as for consumption on special occasions. It is also a highly requested shoulder ham for catering and celebrations.

Buy cebo shoulder ham online

You have different qualities at your disposal when selecting your shoulder ham, from the 50% Ibérico cebo shoulder to the 50% Ibérico cebo shoulder. Some brands sell 75% Iberian and 100% Iberian breed pigs' bait shoulders.

You can select the weight you prefer among those available, and other options such as knife cutting of the piece into thin slices. The cut bait shoulders are sent vacuum-packed, you can choose if you prefer it to be packed in 100-gram or 200-gram portions.

Slicing a shoulder, even if it is done little by little as it is consumed, can be an arduous task if you want to make the most of it. We offer the initial cut for free so that you can continue cutting your shoulder in the best way, since the first cut is very important to consume it properly.

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