Iberian bellota ham

In La Casa del Jamón we are specialized in the Iberian ham . We have the best brands of Iberian hams in Spain. Thousands of satisfied customers and more than 25 years of experience in the world of high quality ham guarantee us. We select the best Iberian hams directly from the reference providers to take them home quickly and safely.

Buy Iberian Ham Online

You have different qualities at your disposal when selecting your ham, from the 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham to the Iberian ham with Denomination of Origin Jabugo. You can also select the weight you prefer among those available, and other options such as boning or cutting started.

We offer free the cut initiated so that you can continue cutting your ham in the right way, since the first cut of the ham is very important to cut it properly and thus continue consuming it. In addition, for you to consume with more comfort, we offer the option of hand sliced ​​and vacuum packed of each of our hams, which will be cut by one of our expert cutters.

Distinguish a pure Iberian Bellota Ham

In the case of pure Iberian acorn-fed hams or 100% Iberian acorn-fed hams (according to the new regulations in force) there are a series of indications that allow us to distinguish that we are facing an Iberian ham of maximum quality. Features such as ham or fat morphology tell us if we are really facing a pure Iberian acorn-fed ham of the highest quality.

The Iberian ham is stylized and of fine cane . The purebred Iberian pig has a skeleton and more elongated limbs. Present the worn hoof when walking through the countryside. Most of our pieces are Jabugo hams from pigs raised in montanera.

The geographical location, climatic conditions and means used for manufacturing are specific to each manufacturer. Being a traditional handmade product, the product obtained as a result is unique.

Cheap Iberian Hams

You can choose between Iberian bait hams or Iberian shoulders for a cheaper product that does not detract from its quality. Even in the highest quality hams we try to give a competitive price . We prepare personalized budgets for business gifts .

We publish offers of ham and gourmet products on our networks and on this website. We ship your ham throughout Spain for free, see our conditions.

Consume a healthy and handcrafted product

The nutritional properties of Iberian ham have been proved. Protects against cardiovascular diseases , as it contains quality unsaturated fats with a high concentration of oleic acid. It provides more protein than most meats, barely contains carbohydrates and is a source of vitamins of group B, as well as beneficial minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium ... The star of our cuisine, which also contributes to a balanced diet.

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