Olive Oils

Olive oil is the juice extracted from the fruit of the olive tree, by mechanical means and under thermal conditions that do not alter the nature of the oil.

Historically and culturally, it has been a product closely linked to the Mediterranean area. Today only 3% of world production is carried out outside the Mediterranean area. Spain produces almost half of the olive oil in the world, followed by Italy and Greece. These three countries account for three quarters of world production.

It is extracted from ripe olives between six and eight months old, when they contain their maximum amount of oil, which usually occurs in late autumn. They are subjected to a first pressure in order to extract their juice. The quality of the oil largely depends on the subsequent processing.

Classification of olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

It is the highest quality oil. It is obtained directly from olives in good condition only by mechanical procedures, with an impeccable flavor and smell and free of defects, and its degree of acidity cannot exceed 0.8°. The median of defects must be equal to 0 and the median of fruitiness greater than 0.

Virgin olive oil

This oil follows the same quality parameters as extra olive oil, in terms of production methods. The difference is that it cannot exceed 2° of acidity. The median of defects must be less than 3.5 and the median of fruitiness greater than 0. In other words, the defects must be practically imperceptible to the consumer.

Olive oil

Contains exclusively refined olive oils and virgin olive oils: It is a mixture of refined olive oil, which is obtained from the refining of defective oils, which have not reached the above quality parameters, and virgin olive oil or extra virgin. The degree of acidity of this olive oil cannot be higher than 1°.

Olive Oil from Spain

In Spain alone, more than 250 varieties of olives have been counted. Depending on the variety of olive used to make it, the oil obtained from it is also different. The most commonly used varieties are:


She is originally from Martos (Jaén). It is widely cultivated in the province of Jaén, although it is also common in those of Córdoba and Granada. It represents more than 50% of Spanish production, and 20% of the world. It gives an exceptional oil with green tones, with a predominance of slightly bitter and fruity flavors. This variety maintains a constant average production throughout its productive life.


Mainly cultivated in the provinces of Seville, Córdoba and Málaga. A high quality oil is extracted from it, although the yield of its fruits is low. It generally gives oils with golden tones and a mild flavor.


It owes its name to the town of Arbeca (Lérida). This olive gives rise to very aromatic oils, green in color at the beginning of the harvest, and almond-shaped, neither bitter nor spicy, with characteristic olfactory notes.

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