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In addition to the Iberico Bellota Ham, 5 Jotas offers you other Iberian pork products that we are sure you will love, due to their high quality and flavour. The 5 Jotas acorn-fed Iberian loin is very juicy and marbled, with a touch of smoked flavor. For some years now, 5 jotas has also been offering salchichón, caña de presa, and one of the best - if not the best - morcón chorizo ​​on the market.

When making any Iberian 5 Jotas product, the raw material is one of the most important factors. The breed of pig is 100% Iberian, since only from this species can a 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham be made. These animals are fed on acorns in the large areas of the Sierra Morena dehesas, specifically in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche. During the montanera season, the pigs travel great distances in search of the acorn, a food that gives the ham its characteristic flavor and properties.

Cinco Jotas ham is healthy

In addition to the breed of the pig, its feeding is an important factor when determining its nutritional properties. Feeding based on acorns and grasses makes fats contain a high concentration of oleic acid. These fats have been shown to be beneficial to health and directly influence the level of cholesterol in the blood.

An unique and traditional elaboration process

The company has more than 130 years of experience making 5 Jotas hams in a traditional way. From the person in charge of shaping the piece to the cutter, going through the drying, salting and curing process, the process remains the same as before: a meticulous control of the quantity and quality of the salt, as well as the humidity and the temperature of the dryers, make the 5 Jotas ham become a jewel of our gastronomy known throughout the world.

Buy a 5 Jotas at La Casa del Jamón

Thanks to our private selection, buying a 5 Jotas ham at La Casa del Jamón is a guarantee of quality and satisfaction. We select the 5 Jotas hams one by one directly in its drying rooms in Jabugo (Huelva), and it is thanks to this selection, made by experts, that we can offer our customers the best of the best.



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