La Casa del jamón, ham shop and gourmet products

About us

La Casa del Jamón (or The Ham's house) was founded 15 years ago in 1995 in El Puerto de Santa María when there wasn't any shop in Cádiz province. When we started in restauration in 1989, we specialized in ham, so we decided to create a boutique in which we wanted to demostrated our savoir faire regarding iberic pork and the professional ham cut.

From the very first day, our goal was to be devoted to ham and all its products. From then, we bet in quality, a good service, the customer attention, and the correct price. All that has given results, in fact in 2005 we opened our second shop.

Today we want to demostrate thanks to Internet that La Casa del Jamón has not only got what have mentionned earlier, but also seriousness, rigorisity, and to buy in safety our shops.

Our shops

La Casa del Jamón
Avd. del Ejército nº 1 (in front of the Bullring)
11500 - El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz
Phone: 956 870 835

La Casa del Jamón Vistahermosa
C/ Magnolias 37, local 4, Soto de Vistahermosa
11500 - El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz
Phone: 956 876 667

Gourmet Vistahermosa
Avd. Juan Melgarejo nº 5, local 11 (Vistahermosa Mall)
11500 - El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz
Phone: 603 730 110