Are you looking for a gourmet product that transforms your meals into unforgettable culinary experiences? Introducing the yellowfin tuna with olive oil

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tuna fillet in olive oil 250gr

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This exquisite product, selected from the juiciest and tastiest parts of the tuna, is presented in a perfect olive oil marinade, offering a unique and sophisticated culinary experience.


A Unique Gourmet Experience

The morrillo, known to be the most tender and tasty part of the tuna, is harmoniously combined with the premium olive oil, creating a perfect balance of flavours. This combination not only enhances the tuna's taste qualities but also brings the health benefits of olive oil, rich in antioxidants and healthy fats.


Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Our tuna morrillo in olive oil comes from sustainable sources, ensuring the preservation of marine ecosystems and the continuity of this precious species. Each can is the result of a meticulous selection and preparation process, guaranteeing a final product of the highest quality.

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