5 Jotas Acorn fed 100% Ibérico cured loin

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5 Jotas Acorn fed 100% Ibérico cured loin

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The Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico cured Loin is a dry cured meat that is made in true handcrafting in Jabugo from a whole piece corresponding to the lumbar muscle.

It is known for a powerful and fragrant aroma, a slight maroon and ashy colour with a very well-defined shine and a mild paprika flavour with hints of land and the smoking process. Wrapped in an elegant cylindrical container, it enhances the properties of an authentic dried, cured Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico Loin.

An irresistible Cinco Jotas delicacy.

  • APPEARANCE Marbled by the infiltrated pork fat, slightly golden: "It reminds me of chopped tuna sashimi". The shiny red colour grabs your attention and asks you to try it.
  • TEXTURE Friendly, consistent, meaty.
  • AROMA Intense, very powerful. It smells like meat, wet fields and acorns and reveals touches of spices. The burnt wood and perhaps a touch of toasted sugar also come out as well as the crust of toasted bread.
  • TASTE It melts in the mouth and there is a bit of paprika, a touch of garlic and hints of spice and smoke…the aftertaste is long and very gratifying.

5 Jotas

Ingredients: 100% Iberian pork loin, sea salt, paprika, spices, antioxidant E-301 (Ascorbate of sodium), acidity regulator E-331 (iii) (Trisodium citrate), preservatives E-252 (Potassium nitrate) and E-250 (Nitrite Sodium) Inedible casing. Store in a cool, dry place. Once the container is opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 30 days.

Info. nutritional: Values ​​per 100 g
Energy value 1419 kJ / 339 kcal
Fats 19 g
Saturated Fat 6.1 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Sugars 0 g
Proteins 42 g
Salt 3.5 g
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100% Iberian
82,00 € / kg
5 Jotas

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Lo he recibido en sólo dos días en Barcelona, el trato telefónico ha sido perfecto. La calidad? que decir, si sale tan bueno como el del año pasado... Increíble!!!!



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