How to preserve and serve a portion of Iberian ham sliced by hand

How to preserve and serve a portion of Iberian ham sliced by hand

A temperature around 24º is ideal to taste a dish of a good Iberian ham 100% acorn. The bellota ham releases all its aroma at the time of a hand cut and retains that intense flavor so characteristic of our heritage.

jamon 5 jotas

ham 5 jacks

It is very important to cut perfectly a ham in thin slices and not too long so that it gives off all its aroma in the mouth.

Cutting the ham is an art that requires practice and dedication. The essential tools are the ham table and the knives. The ham knife must be long and flexible and very sharp. A short and sturdy knife is also needed to peel and clean during the cutting of the ham.

To temper the ham quickly, keeping intact the balance between flavor, aroma and texture, you must place the container before opening it in a container with hot water for approximately 30 seconds. This facilitates the cuts retain their characteristic color and transparency, while accentuating the texture of its texture. In addition, it makes it easier to separate the slices, which allows them to be served intact.

It is advised to serve on a dish that is not cold, if not rather hot. The slices are distributed on the plate, decorating it. It is usually eaten by picking the slices with the fingers. It is accompanied by bread spikes and you can share the table with a good wine, a cheese tapa or a portion of loin; and at the time of the aperitif with a good vermouth (vermouth of Lustau, considered the best in Spain).

Sliced ​​and packaged ham can be kept frozen for years, or for months in the fridge. Being vacuum packed, it preserves all food and flavor properties as if it were freshly cut.