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Quesos Pajarete has been making its artisanal cheeses for more than 10 years. Its founders set up the company from the beginning under the premise that the manufacture of cheese is 100% natural and without preservatives.

Physically located in the Sierra de Cádiz-Pueblos Blancos, to produce these cheeses, 1,300 sheep and 600 payoya goats graze on Finca La Lapa, from which we obtain freshly milk every day to produce our cheeses.

They have great recognition within the sector, their cheeses being awarded up to 91 times in these 10 years of activity in national and international tastings. As an example the "Super Gold" of the "World Cheese" in England.

The production of its cheeses is carried out in its facilities located in the El Chaparral Industrial Park in Villamartín (Cádiz).

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